Road Map
The road to 1 dollar doge

phase 1

    Design & creation
    Team Building
    Initial Marketing
    5000 Telegram Members
    First Audit
    Token Tracker
    Release DApp DEMO

phase 2

    pre-sale, launch and liquidity lock
    Listing on coingecko
    Listing on coin market cap
    Public Launch of 1dogeland DApp
    Influencer marketing campaign
    Increase social channel numbers
    Listing on Cex

Phase 3

    Second Audit
    Onboard Influencers from Non English natives
    Listing on More Exchanges
    Memes campaign
    Content Creation Campaign
    key partnerships
    1doge DApp Mobile game (IOS, Android)

phase 4

    Website Redesign
    Raffle draw for Top holders to win an Exotic car
    Merch shop
    Team Expansion
    Charity donation to Africa and other 3rd world countries specifically
    community meet up
    Intensify Marketing
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